About Us

Mythbusting (noun): showing that something generally thought to be true is not, in facttrue, or is different from how it is usually described

The Moon Mythbuster is a brand-new, independent, student-run news site created by Robert Morris students, covering campus humor, commentary, and RMU news while also covering Moon Township and surrounding areas. We are not in the least bit funded or controlled by the University, nor do we claim any association with the school. That's the best part: we can write whatever we want.

We believe it's important to laugh and to enjoy life, so our mission is to provide at least as much satire and humor as we do objective news reports and serious opinion pieces — if not more. (All satire articles are clearly labeled with the phrase "SOURCES SAY"). The RMU student media environment is already rich, but we aim to complement what already exists and venture into unknown territory.

If you think you're funny, or if you've got a great satire idea, contact us. If you've got a hot take, or there's an objective news story or interesting angle that people are missing out on, contact us. Or, if you just like to write but aren't sure what to write about, contact us. 

Bottom line: you want to write something? Send an email to moonmythbuster@gmail.com. And if you've already got an idea, include 1-5 paragraphs describing it.