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Bobby Mo Uncensored to raise charity funds on President Tucci Day

by Julian Gregorio

They're not the meme page Colonials deserve, but they are the meme page Colonials need.

At least, that's the way some students feel about Bobby Mo Uncensored, a Twitter and Instagram page that posts jokes about life at Robert Morris. It has evolved into a well-known page that amplifies students' voices.

A founder and admin behind the popular account, which started out as a simple meme page, sat down with The Moon Mythbuster to discuss their journey so far as well as their plans for the future. The admin requested anonymity in order to speak candidly, and they brought a big announcement.

The page will sell "Tucci 2020" T-shirts — riffing on RMU's famous groundskeeper and the fact that he will be "president for a day" on Thursday — and they will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to a charity of John Tucci's choice. The sale will take place during Mr. Tucci's presidency on February 20.

"We don't mind sacrificing our products for him to give to charity," the admin said. Last year when the page admins sold similar shirts, Mr. Tucci ended up matching their donations and giving it all to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a Pittsburgh charity that serves local people in need. He gave the admins permission to use his likeness and agreed to participate in this year's fundraiser.

"All of the money from the T-shirts (is) going straight to Tucci," the admin said. They added that Mr. Tucci is exactly as nice behind closed doors as he is in public.

"The character doesn't break, that's literally him," they said.

The University had promised Mr. Tucci would become "president for a day" if they raised enough money on the annual Day of Giving. Using the groundskeeper's likeness, the school met their goal.

But why did Bobby Mo Uncensored start in the first place?

"The school had a culture that wasn’t very permissive to making serious issues comedic, and… we wanted to make a change to that," the anonymous admin said.

"It’s not always going to be about being sticklers and having this proper, upright image that they so enforce, it feels like," they said. "They’ve never been confronted with something like that, and I think it’s something that students need to have, because it’s a voice for them."

The founder wants the page to continue growing as a way for students to give back, speak their opinion, and help important news get out. The page had a hand in spreading the word when the controversial meal plan proposal leaked from the Residence Hall Association.

"We are critical of the administration, and we are challenging of a lot of the stuff they do, and I think that’s good, because it’s a system of checks and balances," they said. They're not simply trying to drum up fervor against the university, though — they want to promote community among students and contribute to an increasingly self-aware and humorous campus environment.

"You got a couple outlets where people are committed to making funny content and making jokes at the university, it’s a lot harder to shut the entire operation down," they said.

The founder is "very happy" with the page: "Instead of being some dumb meme account, it's something that's beneficial to students." But they and their fellow admins are pulling younger folks into the fold so the page can live on when the founders leave.

The old guard is teaching the younger members how to optimize social media so they can continue to build the page.

"It requires a group of people," the admin said. "It can become something that down the road, it's just a normal thing where everyone has it, everyone follow sit, because it's important to this campus."

T-shirts can be purchased on https://teespring.com/stores/bobby-mo-uncensored-2.

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