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BREAKING: Moon Township Sheetz gets curly fries

by Julian Gregorio

The Moon Township Sheetz on University Boulevard just stepped up its rivalry against its next-door neighbor, Arby's: Sheetz now offers curly fries.

Other select stores had previously sold curly fries, but a local manager confirmed that the Moon Sheetz finally got them too, potentially luring hungry college students away from Arby's famous potato-based side.

The Sheetz social media team took the chance to throw good-natured shade at Arby's.

"You had a good run," Sheetz wrote on Twitter, tagging Arby's in the post.

The gas-station store had quote-tweeted an account that said "you'll never need (Arby's) again with Sheetz serving curly fryz."

The company's 2019 sales totaled $7.5 billion and continues to grow with 600-plus stores — and counting.

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