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Commencement plans hand seniors small win, but RMU alums not thrilled

"Still TBD": In a rare COVID-year triumph, Class of '21 will walk in May; Class of '20 up in the air, but likely June

It may be 2021 now, but for some folks' beloved alma mater, you just can't win against 2020.

Robert Morris University students graduating this spring are allowed to walk in the UPMC Events Center, RMU announced Friday. But some young alums who just graduated last May felt left in the dust -- and they sounded off on social media.

"Why aren’t we getting a graduation before 2021? We lost a lot already and you can’t even push it up," wrote Ryan on social media. "Terrible," he added.

Another alum, Mallory, noted the class's collective four years of hard work.

"I think we deserve better than a 'TBD,'" she wrote under the university's celebratory post.

The university's social media team clapped back in a rare rebuttal comment, addressing the comments generally.

"For those asking why 2021 is before 2020, it makes the most sense," wrote @robertmorrisuniversity on Instagram. "A majority either live on campus or are in the area, and just finished classes. We presume the class of 2020 doesn’t live on campus anymore, would need to arrange travel, and this also allows for more time for potential guests as things continue to gradually open up."

"Being chronological doesn’t impact your accomplishments or the celebration," the reply concluded.

That didn't do it for Dani, who called the thoughts "BS" and said these were just "excuses."

By press time, no one else had come to the Bobby Mo team's defense. But one former student did share a comical anecdote:

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