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Isolated students at Braddock Hall say they’re seeing ghosts

Who's RMU gonna call?

The first floor of Braddock Hall, where RMU students are quarantining.

Braddock Hall, the defunct nursing home-turned-dormitory notorious among RMU students as supposedly being haunted, is no longer empty.

Residents are quarantining there this Halloween weekend, and they say they’re seeing ghosts.

Students who were in close contact with someone who has the virus had two options: go home, or move to Braddock for two weeks. Those who chose the empty residence hall say they’re getting a good scare — flickering lights, odd floor markings, and strange sounds at night are spooking these students as they also fight the fear that they may have COVID-19.

This comes at a time when 29 students are in quarantine, and when three students as well as two employees are positive for the virus. It also comes just in time for Halloween.

Braddock Hall has a storied history: it was originally built in 1985 as a nursing home, until 2005 when RMU bought it and renovated it into a two-floor dormitory. The school shut the dorm down in 2019, but now it's being used for isolated students amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two students told the Mythbuster they would have preferred to stay in their Washington suite, but they acquiesced at Residence Life’s request. They say they knew it used to be a nursing home, and had heard a rumor around campus that the building is haunted by the senior citizens who died there.

“Since day one, all I hear are constant tapping noises or a very loud writing sound at night,” said Michael Labbett. He moved in on Oct. 27. He also described hearing the sounds of “moving furniture down the hallway at 3 a.m.”

Christian Walters is living on the first floor, where at time of publication only two other students lived. He said the first floor is particularly scary, because the light at the end of the hallway flickers ominously, and there appear to be “fresh wheelchair marks in the hallway.” He added that “it is pretty spoopy down here.”

He also wanted to take the opportunity to advertise that he intends to livestream his haunting experience on Snapchat at some point on Halloween day. Interested viewers can tune into @nater1018.

Another resident claimed he saw a ghost who called itself “Mary Jane” appear before him.

It is unclear whether some of these students had fevers at the time of their experiences. But temporary Braddock residents seem to agree that one thing is for sure: this Halloween, RMU should call the Ghostbusters.

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