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President Trump pardons long-time RMU donor

Robert Morris University is getting a break under President Trump.

At least, an RMU donor is. Edward DeBartolo, Jr., a billionaire businessman and former San Francisco 49ers owner, received a full pardon from President Trump on Feb. 18.

Mr. DeBartolo appears in donor reports as recently as 2012 and was listed as a 1921 club member as of the 2018-2019 school year.

The RMU donor never had to serve prison time, but he paid a hefty fine and his guilty plea in 1998 led to a former Louisiana governor serving prison time. Mr. DeBartolo had failed to report a felony in a bribery case.

"I take my hat off for Donald Trump and what he did," said Jerry Rice, a former star wide receiver for the 49ers.

The University told The Moon Mythbuster that Mr. DeBartolo's wife is an RMU alum.

"Mr. DeBartolo's wife, Candy, is a graduate of Robert Morris University, which is the basis of the university's relationship with the DeBartolo family," vice president of public relations Jonathan Potts said in an email.

A kiosk at Joe Walton Stadium names Mr. DeBartolo and his wife.

Mr. DeBartolo had pleaded guilty to failing to report a felony bribery. The former Democratic governor of Illinois, Edwin Edwards, had extorted $400,000 from the 49ers owner over a casino license, but Mr. DeBartolo did not alert authorities.

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