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RMU rapper Mark AZ blasts university in diss track, adding to meal plan debacle

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Rapper says he's disappointed in his school, praises Tucci

An RMU rapper slammed the University's botched meal plan rollout in a new song on Monday.

Hip-hop artist Mark AZ released a video called "Change of Plans (RMU Diss Track)" on Twitter, and linked to his YouTube page.

Mark AZ has over 6,000 followers on Twitter, and the song brings added attention to what has become a public-relations headache for Robert Morris.

The RMU rapper pulls very few punches in the new video.

"You're hungry for money, you're changing the plan / You think we're some dummies that don't understand / I went to your games, you ain't got no fans / Enrollment is down, that ain't in your plans," Mark AZ raps in the diss track.

However, he saved some love for John Tucci, the campus's popular groundskeeper -- even if Mark AZ criticized the school for recruiting Tucci during the Day of Giving, where students and alumni are encouraged to donate money.

"Shout out to Tucci, he's been showing love / How come you're using his name for the funds?" he raps.

The RMU official in charge of facilities and business operations, which in turn handles dining and works with its food service partner, Parkhurst, reached out to students via email last week following a raucous open meeting about the proposal.

"Many of you expressed concerns regarding the preliminary new dining plan, and we are taking your feedback into consideration as we adjust the dining program for next fall," said Perry Roofner, vice president of facilities.

"We continue to welcome your input, and you can send your comments and questions to diningservices@rmu.edu," Mr. Roofner wrote in an email to all students.

For his part, Mark AZ offered some lighthearted commentary about the state of PNC Café's dirty-dish conveyor belt.

"Can we talk about how the conveyor belt in the cafe always smells like TRASH?" he said between verses on the diss track.

RMU rapper Mark AZ poses in his profile picture

Among other potential changes, the new dining plan includes:

  • The PNC Colonial Café would be all-you-can-eat with unlimited swipe

  • The PNC Colonial Café would extend its hours starting next fall: It would be open until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday; until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and until 11 p.m. Sunday.

  • Students would also be provided with Declining Balance dollars that could be used at other campus dining facilities, including RoMo’s, the Hale Center Café, and Yorktown Café.

Some students do support the general idea, even if they share some of critics' concerns -- but it's more the way the plan was apparently leaked, combined with short notice before housing selection deadlines.

"I appreciate all that this school has done for me, but we as students deserve better," Mark AZ said.

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