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SOURCES SAY: House Democrats vote "yes" on secretly giving Trump coronavirus

Who said Congress couldn't get anything done?

House and Senate Democrats were criticized earlier this week for blocking Republicans' $2 trillion stimulus bill in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Senate Democrats initially rejected the GOP bill as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed an alternative bill that had hidden partisan grabs like increasing emissions standards.

But late Tuesday, Democrats showed they can pass a bill: that is, one that authorizes giving Trump the coronavirus.

"We absolutely can pass a bill for the country's best interest," Speaker Pelosi said Tuesday. "We may have stabbed Americans in the back over fiscal stimulus, but we're redeeming ourselves by proposing that we slip a COVID pill into the president's drink."

Other House Democrats cheered the maneuver.

"This is a huge move for workers across the country," said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.

"We're finally helping out the workers we've forced to stay home — by totally ignoring them and instead trying to murder Trump," Rep. Ocasio-Cortez added.

House Democrats suggested they would hand the president a glass of water that contained a virus sample and simply wait for him to contract the disease.

Late Tuesday, President Trump was seen dumping a glass of water into a bush. At press time, he was seen washing his hands vigorously.

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