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SOURCES SAY: Nation cheers as Congress cancels itself over COVID-19

The Hill reported Thursday that the Senate will enter recess after passing the $2 trillion stimulus plan meant to relieve Americans who were forced to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak.

There's just one twist: instead of coming back after recess, the Senate is just going to stay home forever.

"Out of concern for the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel ourselves," said Senate leader Mitch McConnell in a statement. "We know many may be disappointed, but this is the best choice to stop the spread and #FlattenTheCurve."

Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi followed up within hours with her own statement cancelling the House of Representatives till further notice.

American citizens cheered the decision.

"This is like a miracle," said Nancy Cleary of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. "We as a nation may finally find peace."

"Literally thank God," said Chuck Thomas of western Pennsylvania.

Mr. Thomas added, "I'm ready to go back to work by Easter, but here's hoping Congress stays home till Christmas."

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