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SOURCES SAY: RMU admin. causes students, who never even had Pres. Dell’Omo, to miss Dell'Omo

There is a Welsh word that describes missing something you never had: Hiraeth.

It’s no secret that the Chris Howard administration is under fire at Robert Morris University amidst the botched rollout of a new Dining meal plan proposal. The plans leaked and students circulated a survey to tell the school the plan, as initially structured, was not satisfactory.

This came on the heels of a free-speech controversy, and now students are saying that the past couple of weeks have them missing a former president — one they never even occasioned to meet.

No students in the four classes currently enrolled at RMU — ‘20, ‘21, ‘22, and ‘23 — ever attended the school when President Dell’Omo, the previous president, reigned supreme. But they still wish he would come back.

“I miss President Deli-sandwich,” said Rupert Gendry, Class of ‘20. “I mean, Dell’Omo. That’s his name, right?”

When reminded that not even the current senior class had President Dell’Omo, Mr. Gendry downplayed that fact.

“Yeah, but he literally could not have been any worse than this,” Mr. Gendry said.

The sentiment is travelling quickly throughout campus, crossing racial divides and party lines. One left-leaning student compared the feeling to national politics.

“It’s kinda like missing Obama now that we have Trump in office,” said Kortney Klavan, Class of '23, who says she is a young Democrat. Ms. Klavan would have been just seven years old when President Obama was elected in 2008.

“I may have been too young to remember most of his tenure, but I do wish Obama would come back,” Ms. Klavan explained.

RMU students say there’s no bones about it: they’ve got hiraeth for former President Dell’Omo.

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