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SOURCES SAY: Sources Say writers devastated as unfunny dumdum calls them unfunny

Sources Say reporters could be down for the count.

Known simp, Airhead McDoodoohead, on Thursday insulted Sources Say writers as "unfunny." Mr. McDoodoohead has been widely acclaimed for his dimwittedness, as he has won significant awards such as Dorkiest Ignoramus and the Signature Dunce Award, thus making the insult all the more difficult to take.

The Sources Say writers are devastated.

"When the dimmest boob on the planet insults your comic abilities, it cuts deeper than anything," a Sources Say reporter told Sources Say. The reporter spoke anonymously for fear of being made fun of.

"If this sap — who's never gotten so much as a pity chuckle in his life — if even he doesn't think I'm funny? Then I may as well quit my job," the Sources Say reporter said. The reporter had just gotten done crying.

Mr. McDoodoohead has contested his simphood via his personal Twitter account, which registers a sad sub-60 followers — way worse than The Moon Mythbuster's superior count. But simping experts say he deserves more credit than that, as they say his simp levels have reached God tier.

When asked how he summoned the courage to wage this David-vs.-Goliath style smackdown, Mr. McDoodoohead feigned humility, saying, "I'm just a blockheaded poo-for-brains."

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