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Student Life cleans up RMU Dining's mess

It's a bird -- it's a plane -- it's Student Life!

In a miracle crash-landing, Bobby Mo's Office of Student Life has stepped in and saved RMU Dining's careening rollout of the new meal plan proposal. The surprise rollout had inspired tears, anger, jokes, and even a rap diss.

But with vice president of student life John Michalenko aboard, the original proposal has been moderated and a compromise has been struck.

"We have decided to base the price that you pay for the new dining plan on what you paid during this current academic year," said Mr. Michalenko in an email to all students.

He added, "we apologize for any undue stress that was caused by recent discussions regarding next year’s proposed new dining plan. We did not communicate with you in the manner that you deserve, and we are sorry."

Mr. Michalenko and Student Government Association representatives, including SGA President Zai Gwaza, met with RMU Dining and Parkhurst last week and asked them to come to a compromise so that students would be less drastically affected.

While the compromise is still likely to raise minor concerns, the new plan mitigates any price increases by pegging each student's price to the plan they have this year, whether that's Revolutionary, the highest, or Revere, the lowest.

PNC Cononial Cafe will be open till 11 p.m. on weekdays and 12 a.m. on weekends. "Meal equivalencies" are built into the all-access part of the plan and cover a certain amount of meal-combo swipes at places like Yorktown and Wheatley.

Potential pitfalls include that each student only gets $200 for Flexible Dining Dollars at RoMo’s, Hale Café, Yorktown, and Wheatley. Plus, students are allowed to "treat your friends or family members to a meal in the PNC Colonial Café," but they only get five guest passes per semester.

Not to mention that plenty of students who picked a more expensive plan this year may have intended to pick a smaller plan next year, yet for now they are stuck with their current pick.

RMU's announcement of the compromise and subsequent explanation appeared to quell students' concerns for the time being. Mark AZ, the rapper who had dissed RMU over the rollout, replied, "Thank you."

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